The DC Circuit’s Big CFPB Ruling Carries Wide Implications. Here’s What’s Next

On October 11th, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled that the CFPB cannot continue to operate under the leadership of a lone individual unencumbered by any branch of government. In stark contrast to other federal agencies, the Bureau has thus far had a single director, Richard Cordray, who could only be removed from his position "for cause" and not at the president’s volition.

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Credit: Mike Scarcella / NLJ [/caption] A federal appeals court decision wednesday upholding the lawfulness of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s independent, single-director design will carry.

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DC Circuit Court of Appeals Finds Structure of CFPB to be Constitutional: What The Most Recent PHH Mortgage Decision Means for You . The financial world waited with bated breath for the en banc decision of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals (the En Banc Court) in PHH Corporation, et al. v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, No. 15-1177,

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Rules in PHH v. CFPB Nation’s second-highest court upholds reversal of the CFPB’s enforcement ruling, but finds CFPB structure constitutional.

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D.C. Circuit Rules the Single-Director Structure of the CFPB Is Unconstitutional.. We describe below the court’s ruling and explore the potential implications for the CFPB and regulated entities as we approach the presidential election.. How the next president may react to the ruling.

Read more: The DC Circuit’s Big CFPB Ruling Carries Wide Implications. Here’s What’s Next DC Circuit Won’t Upend CFPB’s Single-Director power structure california judge Blisters CFPB, Rejects $235M.