The Continuing Saga of Your House as An “Investment”

Your healthcare insurance just doubled in a couple of years? Forget it, Pal, that’s chump change compared to the big-time gains in the value of your house and 401K stock holdings. This is the wealth effect : even as rising costs consume earned income, we ignore this financial erosion and borrow and spend more because we feel richer when we.

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Do All Investment Advisers Really Have a Fiduciary Duty to Seek “Best Execution”? When Does a Financial Planner Need to Register as an Investment Adviser? Regulatory Considerations When Hiring a Non-Advisor Employee or Independent Contractor; Another Twist in the Continuing Custody Rule Saga; Regulatory Considerations When Bringing On a New.

 · So, Should You Rent or Sell Your House? Unlike high school girlfriends, real estate allows you to keep the old and the new. But deciding whether to rent out your house or sell it.

Building a Real Estate Portfolio with Joint Ventures & Partnerships -Mat Piche The Fruitful Investor Lets just come right out with it: Your home is not an investment.In fact, home ownership can be a financial disaster. Before all of you homeowners call me a jerk, idiot, or unflattering expletives, let me share some objective data as to why a home is not an investment (and keep in mind that I am a homeowner too).

If that $166,000 modest house is a good investment, shouldn’t an $800,000 McMansion be an even better investment? No! Don’t get high on your own (housing) supply! Even if that $800k house still delivers roughly $7,000/month in housing services it’s a bad financial decision. Technically speaking, the house is still a good investment but we.

The Experts: Should You Think of Your House as an Investment? June 11, 2013 5:38 pm ET Should people think of their houses as investments? The wall street journal put this question to The Experts.