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Unmarried couples can either hold a title as joint tenants, in which each person owns the property equally and their share is automatically conferred to the other upon death of the first; or as.

Can an unmarried couple buy a home together with only one person on the mortgage? Ask Question. (that quite many couples take), but you’re simply not getting out of a shared mortgage, it’ll tie you for decades. – Peteris Oct. The mortgage and title of the house would be under both your.

Boon To Unmarried Couples. The IRS’ new position on the mortgage deduction could be a boon to other unmarried couples who co-own property and split mortgages in expensive areas of the country, such as Manhattan or San Francisco, where median home prices top .1 million, according to Zillow.

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Aside from actually obtaining a mortgage and buying a home as an unmarried couple, there’s a whole separate set of challenges related to how you’ll set up ownership, obligations for mortgage payments, utilities and upkeep; as well as protecting yourself in the event of a breakup. We’ll address those in part II of this article next week.

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Married couples are regarded as a unit, and are satisfied with only one of the partners to qualify for the loan. Both unmarried home buyers are required to be on the loan, so one person’s credit history may jeopardize the whole process. Another possibility is to apply for the mortgage loan in just one partner’s name.

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Additionally, unmarried taxpayers who co-own a residence will not be restricted to the $500,000 acquisition debt limit and $50,000 home-equity debt limit for married individuals filing separate tax returns. 40. Information reporting. Several individuals who co-own a house may each be liable on the mortgage.

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As an unmarried couple, you both need to be concerned with a few things. When you’re applying for a mortgage, the bank or lender will require a credit rating from each of you. One score could be great, but lenders always take the worst of the two scores. If the other is too low, then it’s likely that you won’t get the loan.

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