Filing Bankruptcy

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Individuals can file bankruptcy without an attorney, which is called filing pro se. However, seeking the advice of a qualified attorney is strongly recommended because bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal outcomes. Filing personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 takes careful preparation and understanding of legal issues.

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You must file all required tax returns for tax periods ending within four years of your bankruptcy filing. During your bankruptcy you must continue to file, or get an extension of time to file, all required returns. During your bankruptcy case you should pay all current taxes as they come due.

Experts agreed the bankruptcy filing by California's largest utility won't affect its customers' ability to keep their lights on. But the process has.

Filing for bankruptcy is a very complicated process and is rarely successful without the help of an attorney. free legal services are available for those who cannot afford an attorney. For help finding an attorney, contact the American Bar Association or the Legal Services Corporation..

Those declaring bankruptcy may lose property to the bankruptcy trustee. The point of filing for bankruptcy is to have the court step in and decide how much debt you can afford to pay off, and how much should be forgiven. If you own property with significant value, such as a luxury car, you may be forced to sell it to pay off some debt.

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Filing for bankruptcy is an important financial decision that can affect your credit for years to come. Before you make a hasty decision to file for bankruptcy, consider whether or not you can afford to repay your debts outside of bankruptcy.

Should I File Bankruptcy? I'm $32,000 in Debt. Filing your petition (the main bankruptcy form, schedules, and other forms) officially starts your case. Most people file all the forms at once, but if you’re pressed for time, you can opt for an emergency filing by completing a few required forms. You must file the remaining forms within 14 days. (To learn more, see Filing for Bankruptcy.)